An opportunity to give back when flying premium cabin on United

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One of the coolest things of flying on a premium cabin is receiving your amenity kit.  When an airline provides a solid amenity kit, though not the primordial part of your flight, it can certainly elevate the experience and in a way it becomes the means by which one remembers a particular trip or flight.  I try to keep amenity kits that I receive for the first time as mementos.  They can also be useful for carry-on storage of essentials.  In essence, I love me some amenity kits.If you’re a frequent flyer, however, there are times in which you might not use your amenity kit at all, for one reason or another.  I for one try not to use amenity kits needlessly – it just feels wasteful, just like open multiple toothpaste tubes at the same time at home.  Whatever the reason may be, you may find yourself deciding whether to stuff your unused or partially used amenity kits in your carry-on and take it home, or leave it behind on your seat.  Somehow there’s a wrong feeling attached to leaving it behind since technically we paid for that kit.  But being aware of what your airline does with that kit after you leave it behind might make that decision a little easier – it sure did for me.

I won’t be taking many of these home with me.

United was the first airline to partner with Clean the World to recycle our amenity kits into new hygiene kits for those in need.  Clean the World is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to save lives by distributing recycled soap and hygiene products to children and families in countries with a high death rate due to pneumonia and cholera.  An example of how United partakes in these efforts is found here.  On this instance, United Airlines employees volunteered at hubs across the company’s network to assemble more than 15,000 hygiene kits that the airline donated to charities in its hub markets and communities in the United States impacted by Hurricane Matthew.

Also, see this YouTube video to see how the process works.  As seen in the video, this initiative goes well in line with United’s Eco-Skies commitment to the environment.  To learn more about how United minimizes environmental impacts associated with their operations, visit their Eco-Skies page.

In conclusion, we select what airline we fly with for many reasons, most of which have to do with us primarily.  However, there are reasons that have nothing to do with us that may make a difference in terms of how we select our airline and what we do with the perks we enjoy, like amenity kits.  So next time you fly on United, you may want to think twice before taking your amenity kit home with you, as it could make a much larger difference to someone in need.

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