My 2018 3rd quarter Premier Status’ status

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Back in March I wrote an update of my 2018 status goal. I’ve never held United Premier 1k status, mainly because there’s no way I can reach the $12,000 PQD requirement.  I’m content with Platinum status, as it provides with everything I ‘need’.  Here’s what the numbers look like today for the desired 2018 Platinum status.  You can easily check your status progress here.

Per United’s Premier Status qualification page, I need to earn 75k PQM’s or 90 PQS’s, plus $9K PQD’s (this will be waived upon spending $25k with my United MileagePlus Explorer credit card).  If my travel will be consistent throughout the year, then by the end of each quarter I should have some 19k PQM’s or 23 PQS’s. Obviously, in my case, PQM’s are the target, so all is going as planned, needing only about 15k PQM’s in the last quarter of the year.

Exciting to have 2018 status almost in the bag!


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