My 2017 1st quarter MileagePlus X earnings

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I’ve written plenty about the MileagePlus X app here and here, and highlighted how it’s one of the main points in the case of choosing United over Delta and American.  It just makes it that much easier to accumulate United miles!Since I’m an avid MileagePlusX user, I thought I’d post my earnings for each quarter so that you can see how valuable this miles earning tools is and how quickly they add up.  I use my United MileagePlus Business cards for MileagePlus X purchases, which mostly encompass retail, dining, and online shopping among others.

The Numbers

Coming up on the end of the 1st quarter of the year, I stand at 3,026 earned miles.  I spent  $818 in order to earn these miles, indicating a ratio of 3.7 miles/$.  Isn’t that awesome?!  However, the earnings don’t stop there, because this total doesn’t include the credit card spend itself.  So for the sake of this post, let’s assume that I earned 1 point/$ on the MileagePlus card I used.  This would bring the total earnings to 3,844, which improves my earning ratio to 4.7 miles/$.   That’s a win!

Things to keep in mind

  • If you hold one of United’s Chase co-branded cards, you earn a 50% bonus on the amount of the transaction, as you can see on the picture above.
  • For most of my earnings here I used merchants with 2 miles/$ earning rate, there are some that consistently are at 5-6 miles/$, and from time to time there are increased offers.  Make sure to capitalize during those occasions.
  • You can link multiple credit cards to the MileagePlus X app to maximize your earnings and/or diversify.  See some ideas of cards with which you can double dip here.

We barely did any shopping this quarter and mainly earned these on coffee.  Coming quarters will be even more lucrative indeed and I can’t wait!  Obviously, don’t alter your spending habits just to use the app, use it for your normal and expected purchases.  I estimate earning somewhere around 15k United miles by the end of the year.  Add to that 20k miles from reaching spending thresholds on each my Business and Personal MileagePlus cards.  That’s 35k easy miles for regular spending.

This ability, among the other many methods, to earn miles toward travel with United makes exploring the MileagePlus program a must.  Another reason is the amount of award redemption availability with Star Alliance.  I’ll discuss the latter thoroughly in a future post.

2 thoughts on “My 2017 1st quarter MileagePlus X earnings

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I agree the MileagePlus X app is a fantastic tool for a broad range of retail spending and I am often surprised at the number of retail outlets I can use it in.

    I noticed you are getting 2.5X on the purchase of Starbucks cards. For those how have the Chase Ink Bold (or similar card that provides 5X at Office Supplies Stores), it would be more lucrative to buy Starbucks gift cards at Staples, providing a total of 7X (that is 2X United points through the App and 5X Ultimate Rewards points through the card.),

    The UR points can be transferred to United or other airlines.

    1. Great info! I unfortunately got caught by 5/24 before I could jump on any of the Ink cards. 🙁 But folks, this yet another great way (and better than mine) to leverage the app. Thanks again!

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