01/2017 SJU-ORD (777-200) United Polaris Business review

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United just recently started flying a 777 on their EWR-SJU route, so I purposely booked this routing for this reason.  Flying out of the mother ship on a 777 = priceless.

Here’s what the thumbs say:


1) Boarding:

  • Thumbs Up – In the past, boarding in Puerto Rico has been difficult regardless of the airline, as my island people don’t care that much for waiting.  But to my surprise, boarding was smooth and everyone was standing patiently in their corresponding group line.

2) Seating:

  • Thumbs Up – Polaris’ Saks Fifth Avenue blanket is ridiculously comfy!  That’s my main take away from this flight, though it was a short 4hr flight.
  •  Thumbs Down – I’ve always felt like the 2-4-2 configuration in business with seats facing back is weird.  Also, United made an aircraft change which landed my wife and I on different rows.  I would have felt better if we had been notified.

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3) Entertainment:

  • Thumbs Down – WiFi not working (no Internet nor mobile device entertainment).

4) Dining:

  • Thumbs Up – Loved that my dinner included sweet plantains.  Made for some nostalgia departing from my home country.

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5) Crew:

  • Thumbs Up – Flight attendants were very pleasant and accommodating throughout.

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