08/2017 United Club San Francisco (Boarding Area E near gate 70)

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San Francisco is probably the airport at which I’ve spent the most time in lounges because it just loves delays. I wrote about the Club in the International terminal here. Time for the Club located near gate 70. Here are my photos and short comments, as usual.

Here’s what the thumbs say:

1) Layout:

  • Thumbs Up – This is a fancy lounge. It has a long hallway entrance with a grand round lobby area that likely makes it feel larger than it really is. Up until the seating areas it feels very spacious.

2) Staff:

  • Thumbs up – Not much to say here, I walked in took some photos, and sat down to work. That being said, I didn’t notice used dishes or dirty counters so they must have been doing a good job.

3) Cleanliness:

  • Thumbs Up – Even though I came in at rush hour, the club was quite clean, including the bathrooms. This is one area that United has been consistent about, at least since a year ago.

4) Amenities:

  • Thumbs Up – High-speed internet.  Though it was crowded, there seemed to be enough seats for everyone. Nice view of the tarmac.


5) Food:

  • Thumbs Up – Didn’t eat. But the usual suspects were there.

6) The Crowd:

  • Thumbs Down – I entered the lounge while it was maybe at 40% of capacity, though that quickly increased. It did feel quite crowded as the seating layout is that of long and thin corridors that make it feel cramped.


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