08/2017 United Club Hong Kong

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This is probably the best United Club I’ve been to. Better even than London’s. The ample food variety, amenities, and slickness make it a great place to work or simply relax during a long connection. Here are my photos and short comments, as usual.

Here’s what the thumbs say:

1) Layout:

  • Thumbs Up – Wide open layout make it look larger than it probably is. I like that when you enter you can clearly see where the food is located and where the showers and conference rooms are. Some clubs have these areas hidden somewhere in the back and when crowded it’s a bit of an annoyance to have to go see where these areas are.

2) Staff:

  • Thumbs up – I only saw about three employees when i was there and didn’t interact with them much, but whenever we made eye contact they did smile. 🙂

3) Cleanliness:

  • Thumbs Up – All areas immaculate, including the restrooms.

4) Amenities:

  • Thumbs Up – High-speed internet.  Plenty of seats in different styles for you to choose from. Work spaces and conference rooms (conference rooms require reservation before hand). There are also 2-3 shower rooms, which ironically where being used when I was there, since there was about 4 people in the res of the club.


5) Food:

  • Thumbs Up – It’s all about variety. Appetizers, cold/hot food, soft drinks/teas/alcoholic beverages, they had it all.

6) The Crowd:

  • Thumbs Up – I visited late in the evening so I can’t really talk to how it feels during the a busy day. My timing was perfect.


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