08/2017 TPE-HKG (747-400) China Airlines Economy review

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Back in May I flew what I thought would be my last United 747 flight. Turns out my last United 747 flight will be United’s last 747 flight as well. I’m super excited for this special flight, though not happy about the dwindling numbers of 747’s. After this year, no US carrier will fly the queen, and some international carriers have already begun a 747 roadmap to retirement of sorts. That’s why anytime once has an opportunity to fly a 747, one has to take it…like I did in this China Airlines 1.5 hour long flight. Because of a delay back in SFO I almost missed this flight. Good thing the TPE airport’s international concourse is a track!









  • It was amazing how this crew served a meal and picked up after it within 45 minutes to a full 747. Just unbelievable.
  • As with most 747’s nowadays, the interior was pretty beat up.
  • I was reminded of how much I dislike to sit in the middle section.

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