08/2017 SFO-TPE (777-300ER) United Polaris Business

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  • The flight attendant on my side of the cabin was a lot of fun. She has 40+ years under her belt with United and you can tell she enjoys her job.
    • immediately upon boarding came to introduce herself and addressed me as Mr. Rivera (I asked her to call me Ricardo)
    • quickly brought me the additional bedding items and pajamas that I requested, as she somehow managed to do the same with several other passengers, while at the same time everyone boarded through the front door
    • though the flight was delayed, I didn’t feel a sense of rush from the crew, which often can make the experience quite negative
  • The seat is actually quite comfortable. I’m not a big guy though, so I would assume that some larger dudes may not be too happy in this regard. The cabin definitely feels crowded. I tried to get ahead of this by seating in 1A, though this later proved to be the worst possible selection. 1A is simply way too close to the galley and lavatories.
  • The bedding is quite awesome. I slept very comfortably, especially with the duvet on top of the seat as it covers any crevices and provides additional cushion. The cooling gel pillow is probably my favorite aspect of the available bedding as it takes good care of one’s neck. Also, this was the first time I wore pajamas on a flight, and in a flight 13 hours long it sure makes a difference comfort-wise and keeping you cool throughout.
  • The food is excellent. There’s so much of it. A Polaris highlight is the wine, but I’m not much of a wine person. I’m content with some scotch.
  • The experience in general was excellent. That being said there was an ‘it’ factor that I can’t really explain. For example, in this flight from Tokyo to San Francisco the crew somehow made things feel extraordinarily special. In my mind, that’s what Polaris is all about. Unfortunately there wasn’t that extra element in this flight though again, the crew was great.

Earlier this day I visited the United Polaris Lounge in Chicago.

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