04/2017 United Club San Francisco (Intl Terminal)

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United has made great strides and improvements when it comes to their lounges.  United Clubs are now comfortable, modern places to hang out at the airport, and they offer a decent amount of complimentary choices to eat and drink.  I was especially pleased with SFO’s temporary club in the international terminal.

Here’s what the thumbs say:

1) Layout:

  • Thumbs Up – Although a chunk of this club is under construction to make way for the new Polaris Lounge, slated to open within a few months.  The club itself has an interesting layout.  As you take the escalator up to the second level, you make a U turn and walk through somewhat of a hallway to the edge of the building, at which point you reach the main club area.  The only indication that this club is partially closed is its layout, as the main area stretches around ‘something’.  United has done a great job of maintaining the quality of the club intact in the meantime.  It’s great that the open area stretches across the edge of the building where large windows allow for natural light to come in easily.  As is typical of the newer style of United clubs, it’s modern, pleasant, and well maintained.

2) Staff:

  • Thumbs up – Probably the largest amount of staff I’ve seen in a United club.  Even at brunch time, when the club was full about 80%, I didn’t feel much of a difference in terms food availability or used glassware around.

3) Cleanliness:

  • Thumbs Up – Very clean throughout, including restrooms.

4) Amenities:

  • Thumbs Up – High-speed internet.  Seats are comfortable with plenty power outlets for you and your neighbor(s).  Plenty of workspaces.  But the best part of this club is the cool tarmac view.  No wonder this location was selected for the new Polaris Lounge.

5) Food:

  • Thumbs Up – I was here from morning through noon so I enjoyed eating from the morning menu and the lunch menu as well.  I had some coffee and some well cooked oatmeal in the morning with some fruit and for lunch I had some soup

6) The Crowd:

  • Thumbs Up – I visited at around 9:00am on a Wednesday and it was practically empty.  When it hit 10:30am people began dropping in, and at 11:00am it was packed.  Felt like it was more leisure travelers rather than business, so I was surprised that it remained quiet even at a 85-90% capacity.

In conclusion, this club won’t be around for long, but United has made the best of the location while making room for the new Polaris Lounge.  Can’t wait until it opens!  Remember you can enjoy two complimentary United Club passes every year that you hold a United MileagePlus credit card.  This is a value of $118.

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