04/2017 IAH-ORD (A320) United First review

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I wrote here about my first trip after the infamous #Bumpgate incident.  Here are my flight photos and short comments, as usual.

Here’s what the thumbs say:


1) Boarding:

  • Thumbs Up – I’m convinced United had one of the best boarding systems in place.  It’s always smooth, regardless of group #.

2) Seating:

  • Thumbs Up – I find the newer United First seats to be very comfortable, although many have said otherwise.  I also like the tray table very much as to me it gives quite a bit of added room if I want to use my laptop.  See more information about United First newest seats here.

3) Entertainment:

  • Thumbs Up – Wi-fi has been pretty consistent for me the past several months when flying domestic.  No complaints about the speed.

4) Dining:

  • Thumbs Up – Spanish paella is. in my opinion, is currently the best United First meal.  Refer to this post about this meal.

5) Crew:

  • Thumbs Up – I’m on a really good streak here.

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