04/2017 IAH-ORD (A320) United First

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I wrote here about my first trip after the infamous #Bumpgate incident.  Here are my flight photos and short comments, as usual.

Here’s what the thumbs say:


1) Boarding:

  • Thumbs Up – I’m convinced United had one of the best boarding systems in place.  It’s always smooth, regardless of group #.

2) Seating:

  • Thumbs Up –I love the newer United Domestic First class seats by PriestmanGoode.  They’re wider and more adjustable, plus they have different little details that make them more comfortable.  For example, the power plug is now facing toward each seat instead of to the front.  Also, there are several storage spaces for books, tablets, water bottles, etc.  I’m not sure whether this is a fact, but there certainly feels like there’s a lot more separation between you and your seatmate.  Oh one more thing – I don’t mind bulkhead one bit.

3) Entertainment:

  • Thumbs Up – Decent wifi – still surprised that I keep having good experiences with United wifi.  Personal device entertainment available, which I didn’t use.  My entertainment was well…work.  See how much space the newer tray tables provide even with a laptop on it.

4) Dining:

  • Thumbs Up – The best United Domestic First meal I’ve ever had.  I wrote about it here.

5) Crew:

  • Thumbs Up – Cool and engaging crew at least in 1st.

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