03/2017 ORD-SEA (757-300) United First review

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In expectation of a new member in our family, my wife and I traveled to Seattle, to receive the little one.  Here’s what the outbound trip looked like.

Here’s what the thumbs say:


1) Boarding:

  • Thumbs Up – Swift group 1 boarding.

2) Seating:

  • Thumbs Up – Standard United First seating.

3) Entertainment:

  • Thumbs Up – DirecTV worked through the flight.  Wifi was stable with a decent speed.

4) Dining:

  • Thumbs Up – This time I was served a nicely spiced up mac and cheese with chicken and salad and my wife chose a short rib with white rice and salad.  The mac and cheese was excellent.  My wife mentioned her dinner to be a bit bland.

5) Crew:

  • Thumbs Up – Excellent premium cabin crew; they seemed like they were enjoying themselves. and joked around with us on several occasions.  This is becoming more and more common and hopefully will end up being the standard.

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