02/2017 United Club Denver (East)

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I love me some DEN airport.  I love its design, its feel, its main airline…so anytime I can route through DEN, I do!  It’s such a great airport for plane spotting from inside the terminal, especially from inside the East United Club.

Upon entering and checking in, stairs take you up to the 2nd floor where you’ll find a customer service desk.  As you walk to either side you’ll find several lounge, workspace and bar areas.   As usual, there are magazine shelves at either side, or you can download and read from the Foli app.  You’ll find two salad-bar’s, with complimentary fresh veggies, fruits, cereals, yogurts, as well as several complimentary hot soups to choose from.  Hot tea, Illy coffee, and soft drinks are also available and complimentary.  Additionally, there are several fruit-infused water dispensers to choose from.  In short, you won’t go thirsty or hungry.  Toward the left side of the lounge you’ll find the full bar, where you can enjoy specific complimentary and other drinks.

Here’s what the thumbs say:

1) Layout:

  • Thumbs Up – Although this is not the newest United Club, the two full wall windows at both sides facing the tarmac make this club one of my favorites.  This is prime plane spotting real-estate.

2) Staff:

  • Thumbs down – Although the club is very well staffed and they were regularly restocking the food and beverages areas, they were not as attentive and welcoming as in other clubs.

3) Cleanliness:

  • Thumbs Up – Very clean throughout, including restrooms.

4) Amenities:

  • Thumbs Up – High-speed internet.  Seats are comfortable with plenty power outlets for you and your neighbor(s).  Plenty of workspaces and conference rooms, the latter of which are available by reservation.

5) Food:

  • Thumbs Up – I only had some chicken noodle soup and it was good, though I like my food saltier than most, so I’d have preferred it with a bit more flavor.

6) The Crowd:

  • Thumbs Up – I visited at around 11:00am on a Wednesday and it was about half full.  I didn’t feel like it was cramped at all.  It was easy to move about the lounge.
The bar, of course, had the most traffic.

In conclusion, although there’s not really a ‘wow’ factor about the club itself, it’s location, and the view of the tarmac make it an exceptional place to spend several hours no problem.  Remember you can enjoy two complimentary United Club passes every year that you hold a United MileagePlus credit card.  This is a value of $118.

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