01/2017 ORD-SJU (737-900) United First review

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After visiting the United Club near the B8 gate in ORD, we flew United First on a red-eye flight to SJU.  As a matter of fact we were the 4th to last flight departing from the C terminal that night.

Here’s what the thumbs say:


1) Boarding:

  • Thumbs Up – Swift and comfortable group 1 boarding.

2) Seating:

  • Thumbs Up – Standard United First seating on 737’s; comfortable and spacious wide seats.

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  •  Thumbs Down – No foot rest.  Uncomfortable for shorter people and those whose feet tend to swell up.

3) Entertainment:

  • Thumbs Down – WiFi not working (no Internet nor mobile device entertainment)

4) Dining:

  • Thumbs Down – No food service per United’s premium cabin dining policy.  In my mind, regardless of the time, there should ALWAYS be food available in first class; granted fruit and snacks were provided.  Fortunately for me, I had just had a bite prior to departure at the United Club.

5) Crew:

  • Thumbs Down – Although one of the flight attendants excelled in providing customer service, her counterpart didn’t; in fact, he was terrible and had one of the worse attitudes I’ve seen in a FA.  See my full post on this particular experience here.

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